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About Onirim

Enter the oniverse through a mysterious labyrinth! Onirim is a solitaire card game: you must work against the game and find the oneiric doors before you run out of cards. Will you wander in each room, hoping to find the door that will take you further, or will you let chance sort things out and trust in your luck? In both cases, you will have to deal with the slithering nightmares that haunt the hallways of the labyrinth.

One of my favorite solitaire games!

- The Dice Tower

The Onirim app will get a TON of play with me.

- Suz Sheldon

I got to learn the game by taking the in-app tutorial, which was incredibly well-done

- Daily Worker Placement

The Onirim app is very simple and straightforward, and the sounds/colors make the game very immersive.

- BoringBotanist