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About Ticket to Ride

All aboard the digital adaptation of the famous As d’or and Spiel des Jahres game, Ticket to Ride. Place train cars on the digital map to create your own railroad network, but watch your opponent closely or else they will try to derail your strategy. Connect the most famous European and American cities to claim victory! If you have an adventurous spirit, explore all over the world with our expansions.

I must say that the graphics on the iPad version are spectacular.

- BoardGameQuest

Ticket to Ride is still an excellent portable adaptation of one of the best board games of the last 10 years.

- Gamezebo

What makes TtR so interesting to play is that there are a wide variety of expansions which replace the original map, tickets, and/or some of the rules, so you get a chance to explore how the different pieces of the game interlock and how that affects thin

- Pocket Tactics